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Welcome to Quantum Optoelectronic Laboratory

Quantum Optoelectronics Laboratory is under the direction of Dr. Robert M. Kolbas in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of North Carolina State University located at Raleigh, North Carolina. We are located in the Monteith Research Center (MRC) on the centennial campus of NC State University.

The focus of our experimental research group is the application of the physics of ultra small semiconductor structures (quantum wells, quantum dots) to attain new and improved device functionality of optical light emitters (lasers, LEDs), dielectric waveguides, and detectors.

Our current research is focused on the laser properties of wide band gap semiconductors (AlGaN-GaN-InGaN) and the interaction of photons/electron-hole pairs in quantum well semiconductor lasers.

Highlights of our past accomplishments that involve first demonstrations or first published reports include:

  • Demonstration of Optical Data Storage in InGaN/GaN1
  • A two-color semiconductor light emitter based on selective carrier collection.2
  • A vertical cavity surface emitting laser with a monolayer thick active region.3
  • Photoluminescence from an AlGaN-GaN quantum well.4
  • Laser action from monolayer thick quantum wells. Demonstrated the thinnest (smallest active region volume) laser.5
  • Time resolved phonon assisted stimulated emission from any semiconductor material.6
  • A room temperature strained layer laser diode grown by molecular beam epitaxy.7
  • Room temperature negative differential resistance in a strained layer resonant tunneling structure.8
  • A semiconductor laser with a lateral heterobarrier by diffusion enhanced alloy disordering.9
  • The monolithic integration of a semiconductor laser with a medium scale integrated circuit.10
  • Phonon assisted stimulated emission in a quantum well.11
  • A room temperature continuous wave photopumped semiconductor laser.12
  • Carrier collection (non collection) in a quantum well.13

In addition to the technical journals listed below these results have been highlighted in Physics Today and widely distributed in magazines such as Popular Science.

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